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La Bourdonnais : selection of teas

For an invitation on a journey of taste with our selection of teas and pastries, we welcome you to our tearoom 'Le Mahé' everyday from 2pm to 7pm.

Comfortably seated in one of our sophisticated armchairs, you will then be able to enjoy yourself while delicately discovering quality teas, following in the footsteps of the traders on the route to India.

Tearoom Le Mahé in Paris – 4-star Hotel La Bourdonnais

Treat yourself with a refreshing break in a tearoom in Paris at Hotel La Bourdonnais. 
Giving yourself a sweet break has become essential after a day visiting the streets of Paris, or between two visits.
At the heart of the 7th arrondissement in Paris, Hotel La Bourdonnais invites you to taste refined pastries with a quality tea in a lavish setting, near the Eiffel tower. 
Le Mahé tearoom in Paris invites you to discover its tea menu: from the most classic teas to exceptional teas, without forgetting the selection of the Count de La Bourdonnais. 
While the tealeaves are infusing, plunge into this atmosphere inspired by the adventures of the Count de La Bourdonnais. A French navy officer, the young  La Bourdonnais began his service to the East India Company and commited himself with so much bravery in the capture of Mahé in 1724 on the Malabar coast in India that he earned the honour of  giving the city his name. Named Governor General of the Mascarenes in 1735, he took on great work for the development of activities on Ile de France and Bourbon Island, (the former names of Mauritius and Reunion Island respectively).
Le Mahé tearoom in Paris, a new place in the capital to treat yourself with a guilty pleasure withuot being punished, is open to all from 2pm to 7pm.